IAU Science & Research Branch Holds Food Industry Conference

Friday, November 20, 2015 - 20:35

The Food Industry Conference was held in order to investigate the relationship between food and industry, and started on World Science Day for Peace and Development in Islamic Azad University, Science and Research branch.

According to a report from IAU Public Relations, Dr. Hosseini, general manager for monitoring and evaluating food and beverages of Food and Drug Administration related to Iran’s ministry of Health and Medical Education, stated that based on statistics, 800 million people worldwide suffer from obvious malnutrition, while 2 billion are afflicted with hidden hunger - a fact that shows the significance of food quality.

“Iran has favorable conditions for producing agriculture, livestock, and marine raw materials. The country has about 50 million hectares of fertile agricultural lands, of which 20 million hectares yield crops. 100 million tons of food raw material are produced every year”, he added. “Appropriate production increases the value of food nutrients and decreases waste, which ultimately raises added value.”

Dr. Hosseini also pointed to the public attention on healthy food and stated that producing high-quality foodstuffs depends on factors such as its producers, transportation, keeping and storage conditions, and the main requirement for determining these is arriving at technical and health principles and standards.

Alireza Morovat-pour, secretary of Iran’s Industrial Bread Society and head of Nanavaran Company, Mohammad Reza Shafeiee-nia, secretary of Iranian Food Sciences and Technology Association and the head of Jihad Esteghlal, Dr. Seyyed Mahdi Seyyedin, faculty member of the department of Food Industry of IAU’s S&R branch, and Dr. Mehrdad Ghavami, head of the food industry engineering department at IAU’s S&R branch also participated in this conference.


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