IAU Shines in Iran’s Swordsmanship Premier League

Wednesday, November 25, 2015 - 00:59

Islamic Azad University’s team has made an impression in Iran’s Swordsmanship Premier League by winning two games on the opening day.

According to Iran Students Correspondents Association (ISCA), IAU’s swordsmanship team, which is the defending champion, started out the Swordsmanship Premier League brilliantly by winning 2 successive victories in Boys category.

IAU’s team first defeated Oghab Shiraz with a score of 45 against 24 in Sabre (fencing) and then again won in the Épée form with the result of 45-25.

Iran’s Swordsmanship Premier League has begun in November 20, 2015 in Tehran where it hosts 14 teams from all around the country.


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