New Ventures for IAU Oxford

Wednesday, December 2, 2015 - 19:21

The general director of IAU international affairs announced that the university is obtaining licenses to open offices representing the Oxford branch inside Iran so that students may be admitted to Oxford IAU after taking initial English language courses.

According to Iranian Students’ News Agency, International interactions have so far promoted IAU’s scientific level and ranking and based on more recent political developments between two countries, this branch will soon resume its activities.

"Under orders of Dr. Mirzadeh, President of IAU, a permanent committee has been formed which operates alongside the administration - consisting of the head and council of this branch. Any decisions made regarding the Oxford branch are first planned in this committee. Carefully-designed programs were put in place to provide sabbaticals for professors of this branch. Also, the Oxford language college was launched for learners to first pass an English language course there and continue their graduate courses in the main branch,” he explained.

He emphasized that the focus of the Oxford IAU is on graduate programs and declared: “Specific educational courses are offered to interested parties in organizations such as the Railways of Islamic Republic of Iran and Iran Construction Engineering Organization (IRCEO).”


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