Research Deputy of Parand IAU:

Parand IAU, Belarus to Launch Int’l Human & Microbial Genetics Laboratory

Saturday, January 9, 2016 - 13:42

Saeid Zaker Bostan-abad, deputy of science and technology of Parand Islamic Azad University, has announced that the branch will be launching an international Human and Microbial Genetics laboratory with the cooperation of Belarus .

According to Iran Students Correspondents Association (ISCA), Zaker stated that Parand IAU has succeeded in obtaining preliminary permissions for launching an international human and microbial genetics laboratory from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology under the auspices of IAU’s Science and Research Organization.

“Establishing this laboratory can be a turning point in human and microbial genetic research for state universities and all IAU branches. This project also can provide facilities for researchers, professors, and students to implement their research projects,” he explained.

Zaker Bostan-abad also pointed to IAU’s major goal which is moving toward qualifying research and technologies and believed this objective can be reached through developing incubators and technology units, research centers, knowledge-based research activities, and developing research laboratories. In line with this goal, this project will provide the means to create a human and microbial genetics bank for open access.

He finally stated that income diversification for this project will be from producing diagnostic kits, biological products, industrial enzymes, among others.


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