S&R IAU, Bishkek University of Kyrgyzstan to Boost Scientific Cooperation

Monday, January 18, 2016 - 13:00

A scientific delegation from Bishkek University of Kyrgyzstan visited Islamic Azad University, Science & Research branch in order to develop research, educational, and cultural cooperation with Iran.

According to Iran Student Correspondents Association (ISCA), Dr. Ali Abbass-pour, head of IAU S& R branch, and Dr. Musayev Abdullah Inayatovich, head of the humanities department of Bishkek university of Kyrgyzstan, negotiated the development of cultural and scientific cooperation between the two universities.

Dr. Abbass-pour outlined the scientific activities of the S&R branch and explained that in order to prepare an appropriate place for students’ scientific activities and also to reach technological advancements, international collaborations are essential. Expanding scientific relations with other universities in the world is therefore IAU’s main priority.

He also warmly welcomed cultural and educational communication such as exchanging professors and students, sabbaticals, and holding post-doctoral courses and stated that common historical and cultural points between Iran and Kyrgyzstan allow for copacetic circumstances in developing academic relations.

Dr. Inayatovich stated that Bishkek University currently has 10 thousand students in various majors including humanities, linguistics, computer sciences, languages, management and economy and that courses are taught in 16 languages.

He believed that his trip to Iran will be a turning point for two countries’ international relations.“Iran is politically and scientifically active and S&R IAU has an eminent role in this activity so we have good motives for developing our scientific and educational relations” he noted.

This meeting was arranged through the initiative act of the Islamic Cultural Relations Organization.


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