Dr. Taha Hashemi:

IAU Ready for Scientific Interaction

Monday, January 18, 2016 - 01:37

The Deputy of Student and Cultural affairs of Islamic Azad University visited the cultural attachés of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, emphasizing the significant role that IAU plays in admitting students for higher education.

According to an IAU report, Dr, Taha Hashemi emphasized the undeniable role of universities in transforming knowledge into wealth and creating knowledge-based companies and said that these companies are ideally formed during higher educational courses by professors and students.

“Creating cultural infrastructures, addressing social issues, and attention to economic aspects are Dr. Mirzadeh’s primary policies,” he noted, “IAU has negotiated with many organizations such as the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Cultural Heritage Organization, Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, and the Qom Seminary in order to arrive at scientific and educational requirements and strengthen the cultural development of IAU.

He explained that some negotiations have been done with Russia, Iraq, and Tajikistan in order to establish IAU branches there and to strengthen scientific, cultural, and educational ties.

He described one of IAU’s main priorities as the active development of Persian language and literature so the university can dispatch lecturers to other countries as linguistic emissaries.

The Deputy of IAU Student and Cultural Affairs also noted that this university is fully prepared for scientific interaction, transferring technology, and sending professors and students to other countries on sabbaticals.

The meeting was held to compile and develop the contents of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which has been inked recently between IAU and Islamic Culture and Relations Organization to develop research, scientific, and cultural cooperation.


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