5 Bright Planets to be Seen Together, First Time in 8 Years

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 - 01:15

It will be possible to see all five bright planets - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn - together without optical aids before sunrise starting around January 20, 2016 after the first time since January, 2005.

According to Science report, this is the first time which these bright planets can be seen without optical aid from the Earth. Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn have been in the morning sky since the beginning of the year. Jupiter is bright in the north, next comes reddish Mars, followed by pale Saturn and lastly brilliant Venus, which shines above the eastern horizon.

These planets can be seen with the naked eye because their disks reflect sunlight, and these relatively nearby worlds tend to shine with a steadier light than the distant, twinkling stars.

Geza Gyuk, an astronomer with the Adler Planetarium in Chicago explained that "Although being able to see these objects simultaneously doesn't have any scientific value as such, it is a really fun opportunity to get a sense of how we fit in the universe. It is a bit like looking at an astronomy class in a nutshell.”

The five bright planets will remain visible before dawn from about January 20 to February 20, 2016.


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