Deputy of IAU’s Medical Sciences:

Six IAU-run Hospitals Top Ministry of Health Quality List

Monday, March 7, 2016 - 18:24

Dr. Abtahi presented the facts in the two-day conference on improving productivity in Islamic Azad University hospitals in Yazd

According to ANA (Azad News Agency), in the two-day conference on IAU Hospital Productivity Improvement which was held with the presence of managers, executives and physicians in the IAU Yazd branch. Dr. Seyyed Ali Abtahi stated that "all IAU-run hospitals have been improving thanks to God's grace, Dr. Mirzadeh’s support, and the efforts of experts and nursing staff."

“In IAU-run hospitals, accreditation criteria form a canon that ensures that hospital services and conditions comply with national standards approved by the ministry of health."

The accreditation criteria have been diligently followed over the past 2 years and excellent results have been obtained in 11 hospitals. 6 of these were evaluated by experts from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and were ranked at the top of the ministry list,” he explained.

He also noted that launching a Health Economics department, formalizing accreditation in the health and education section, and achieving national standards are among the priorities of the IAU Medical Sciences division.


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