Tiny Robot Ants Can Move a Car

Sunday, March 20, 2016 - 16:56

Researchers of Stanford University have created tiny robots which are able to move things 2000 times their own weight.

According to a New York Times report, a team of robots can pull a car that weighs over 3,900 pounds, along with a driver.

Scientists were inspired by how ants work in teams to move heavy things and find a way to have robots work in teams to carry out tough tasks. With the help of a special adhesive reminiscent of gecko toes, the scientists have developed the micro-robots to move objects more than 2,000 times their own weight, eventually reaching a point where they managed to move an entire car.

David Christensen, a graduate student and an author of a research paper related to the robots, made this statement to The New York Times. “By considering the dynamics of the team, not just the individual, we are able to build a team of our ‘microTug’ robots that, like ants, are super strong individually, but then also work together as a team.”

In the same fashion (albeit with wheels), the uTug robots can attain a force of 200 Newtons, or nearly 45 pounds.


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