Central Tehran IAU, the Largest University in Middle East

Saturday, April 9, 2016 - 12:09

Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran branch started its educational activities with 200 students in 1982 with 6 BA and 1 AD majors.

In an interview with ANA, Dr. Mehrdad Navabakhsh, head of Central Tehran IAU, explained that the branch has taken 2nd position in the country with regards to the application of theoretical science and establishing knowledge-based units,and that “equipping and improving laboratories, workshops, and incubators is high on the list of priorities.”

Central Tehran IAU is the academic home to over 256 thousand graduates and 60 thousand students in various majors including MA and PhD level of engineering, fundamental science, humanities, art and architecture, paramedicine, and with 1400 part time and full time faculty members, it is considered to be the largest IAU branch with an extensive and influential educational activities in the country.

With 275 authored books, 20 book translations, 1292 ISI and 1116 research and scientific article publications, and 542 completed domestic research projects, Central Tehran IAU has a significant contribution in Iran’s science production and scientific movement.

In line with the emphasis of Dr. Mirzadeh’s, president of IAU, on the necessity for universities to become active in the field of knowledge-based economy, Central Tehran IAU has started running 4 research centers, 16 knowledge-based companies and has had 85 inventions recorded so far.


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