Researchers of S & R IAU:

Increasing the Efficiency & Longevity of Dental and Bone Implants

Thursday, April 14, 2016 - 20:04

Researchers of Islamic Azad University, Science and Research branch have created nanocomposite coatings with optimal properties which were produced at laboratory scale and can be applied in producing dental and bone implants.

According to the Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council, one of the main aim of biomedical engineering and tissue engineering is optimum designing of dental and bone implants. One solution for creating implants with desirable mechanical and biological properties is to apply bio-nanocomposite coatings on a titanium substrate. Properties such as corrosion resistance, bioactivity, adhesion strength, and mechanical stability need to be optimized in order to achieve to an optimal coverage. Many researches have carried out on optimizing the numerous properties of internal bone and tooth segments.

Arman Molaee stated that the aim of his research project is optimizing parameters of the coating process for applying nanocomposite coatings with improved properties on titanium parts by electrophoretic deposition. The uniform distribution of the components of the coating, which has been brought about through optimizing the production process, has led to the emergence of the desirable, homogenous biological properties of these coatings within the human body.

“In this research, a ternary nanocomposite coating is utilized which consists of a polymer made ​​of chitosan, micro particles of bioactive glass, and apatite hydroxide nanoparticles on a Titanium substrate. Due to the varying sizes of the ceramic components, the created coating had a very low uniformity so certain effective parameters in the process of electrical deposition such as PH, insulation, the applied voltage, and deposition time were optimized to create a nanocomposite coating with high uniformity. Finally, the morphology, structure, and corrosion resistance of these coatings were evaluated. Results show that after applying the new parameters, the increased uniformity and corrosion resistance of these coatings is optimal,” he explained.

Dr. Mehdi Yaar and Dr. Mohammad Reza Afshar-moghadam, S & R IAU faculty members cooperated with Molaee, MS student of this branch in this study.


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