Dr. Ebrahim Vasheghani Farahani:

IAU is Determined to Gain Scientific Authority at the National and Regional Level

Thursday, April 7, 2016 - 23:50

The deputy of Islamic Azad University has stated that participation in Iran’s RoboCup Competition manifests the university's determination for applying guidelines of Iran’s supreme leader in strengthening the scientific base of the country and attaining scientific authority in the Middle East.

According to ISCA, the opening ceremony of the 11th RoboCup Iran Open competition was held with the presence of Dr. Sorena Sattari, Vice president for Science and Technology, Dr. Ebrahim Vasheghani Farahani, IAU’s Deputy of Research and Technology, Morteza Mousakhani, chief of the Iran’s RoboCup Open Competition, IAU deputies, the ambassadors of South Korea and the Philippines, and staff and students in Tehran International Fairgrounds.

Vasheghani Farahani explained that holding such competitions creates positive academic values for the country’s academic communicty and this is a good reason for students to present their creative ideas.

Mousakhani also emphasized the significant role of robotics in the "Economy of Resistance” and stated that the competition itself is being held on the basis of the economy of resistance and knowledge-based economy. He also made mention of the efforts to shift the student level contests towards coding and programming education.

Dr. Sattari, Vice President for Science and Technology, expressed his satisfaction regarding the orientation of universities toward entrepreneurship and believed that, “we have to increase the GDP per capita because our country has great potential in terms of human resources and can be very successful in entrepreneurial enterprises.”

The 11th RoboCup Iran Open competitions will be held at the Tehran International Fair on April 0​6-​08, 201​6 and more than two thousand students from 12 countries are set to take part in this four-day contest. The Iranian RoboCup Regional Committee and Qazvin Azad University are the organizers of this event.


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