The Results of the 1st & 2nd Day of the 11th RoboCup Iran Open 2016 Competitions

Saturday, April 9, 2016 - 12:33

On the first day of the teams’ competition of the RoboCup IranOpen 2016, the following results were obtained in preliminary stage.

According to ANA (Azad News Agency), in the industrial robots league, Tehran Shariati Technical College, won 500 points, with the ACE team of Islamic Azad University, Kerman branch, and Hadi team of Hadi University of Applied Sciences each gaining 200 points.

In the Manual Deminer Robots League lineup, Pasargad Team of Amirkabir University of Technology, with 1000 points, SRC team of Tabriz IAU, 900 points, and YRA team from Yazd IAU, 700 points, occupied the top of the competition tables.

The Khayyam Robotic team of Nishapur IAU succeeded in scoring the most points in the League of Small Size Intelligent Robots.

On the second day of this competition, the teams of YRA, Pasargad, IRSE, SRC, USTMB, LI2MA, and Malayer University advanced to the second preliminary stage in the Tele-operated Deminer Robots league.

In the league of Small Size Intelligent Deminer Robots, Nishapur IAU, KHAYYAM ROBOTIC team took 12000 points, while RTL Team with 2200 points, ROBOSINA 1700 points, and High Tech with 400 points advanced to the third qualification stage.


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