RoboCup 2016 Results in Tele-operated Deminer Robots, Humanoid, & Small Size Soccer Leagues

Saturday, April 9, 2016 - 19:15

In the 11th RoboCup Iran Open competitions, 14 teams advanced to the next level in the section of Tele-operated Deminer Robots.

According to ANA (Azad News Agency), Iran, England, and Germany competed in the Humanoid Robots category where the German team “Famanaid” scored 5 points.

In the Junior Soccer Open League, in the initial part of interviews and technical challenges, “Sadra robot” took first place and HELLI AFRA took the second. In the first round of this league, HELLI AFRA ranked 1st, FIRMA F6 and Naghshe Jahan became 2nd and 3rd respectively.

In the second round, HELLI AFRA, AMOS, and CYRUS IMMORTALS succeeded in gaining 1st to 3rd positions respectively. HELLI AFRA, CYRUS IMMORTALS, and Naghshe Jahan also ranked 1st to 3rd.

In the first round of the Open Section, HELLI AFRA ranked 1st, Naghshe Jahan, 2nd, and IRO F1 took 3rd position. in second round, the teams of HELLI AFRA, ROBO FORTE F6, and INTELLGENTS F4 ranked 1st to 3rd and in the third round, HELLI AFRA ranked 1st , INTELLGENTS F4, 2nd, and Naghshe Jahan came in 3rd.

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