Researchers of Eslamshahr IAU Produce Absorbers of Electromagnetic Waves

Sunday, May 22, 2016 - 23:54

Researchers of Islamic Azad University, Eslamshahr branch, have produced a Nanocomposite which is able to absorb radar electromagnetic waves and thermal infrared waves simultaneously.

According to Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council, Dr. Hassan Hosseini, faculty member of Eslamshahr IAU and Parisa Zamani, BA student of this branch used BaFe12O19 nanoparticles due their small magnetic fields as a magnetic adsorbent and SiTiO3 because of the high density of electrons in its electrical field as an infrared absorbent simultaneously in a nanocomposite structure.

Electromagnetic waves are created by simultaneous application of electric and magnetic fields. Light is the most recognized manifestation of electromagnetic waves. These waves are used to detect aircrafts, ships, and in military equipment.

Dr. Hosseini, explains that compounds which have an optimal combination of magnetism and electrical conductivity can be considered for absorbing electromagnetic waves: “in this investigation, we have tried to design and produce a nanocomposite with which can absorb electromagnetic waves, radar waves and thermal infrared at the same time. This nanocomposite can be used various forms, such as dyes, plates or powder.”

This Nanocomposite absorber has applications in military, aerospace, and medical industries. It can also be used to to hide military equipment such as ships, aircraft, as well as soldiers in day and night or in hospitals and radiation therapy to protect technicians and nurses.


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