IAU Amadai Museum can be compared with World-Famous Museums

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 - 13:36

The Amadai museum, opened earlier this year by Dr. Mirzadeh, is turning into a major tourist attraction.

According to ANA (Azad News Agency), in his visit of the museum, the general director of Hamadan Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts, and Tourism Organization stated that the Amadai anthropology and Wildlife Museum of Islamic Azad University, represents a major part of Hamadan’s culture and history and can in fact compete with world-renowned museums.

Ali Malmir noted that the cooperation of IAU with the Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts, and Tourism Organization of Hamadan in various fields such as research, education, tourism, archaeological excavation, and investment in the tourism sector needs to be developed more than ever.

“Amadai museum is exclusive in its diversity with about 7 thousand items on display, 3 thousand of which are related to anthropology. The remaining exhibits are in the wildlife section. The museum has already had a significant effect on attracting tourists to the province,” he explained.

The founder of the museum, Mohammad Ali Ja'farzadeh, commented that collecting the curated objects has taken over 2 years and visitors can see items from everyday life in different periods of history, from the Safavid dynasty to contemporary times, clothes and garb of different ethnicities, and also different wild life species in this museum.

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