Student of Hamadan IAU Conquers Mount Kazbek

Saturday, June 11, 2016 - 20:38

Morteza Ne'mati, who is on Iran’s national Omid team, has succeeded in planting the IAU flag on top of Mount Kazbek peak.

According to an ANA report, Morteza Nemati conquered the 5047-meter summit of Mount Kazbek in Georgia after passing 10 training camps in Iran’s national Omid team.

Ne'mati, a management student at IAU Hamadan branch, explained that the ascent began on a path from Kazbek village to a church in a mountainous area and the second part continued up to a Kazbek shelter at 3700 meters which took 8 hours.

He added that due to the existence of steep slopes and ice, the last part of the way to the summit required technical finesse and the deployment of fixed ropes. The team conquered the summit at 4pm.


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