IAU to Increase International Student Admissions

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 - 13:17

The general director of Islamic Azad University, international affairs, Dr. Hossein Ebrahimi, has announced plans for admitting a thousand non-Iranian students in IAU branches.

According to ISCA (Iran Student Correspondents Association), Dr. Ebrahimi stated that IAU is expanding international networks to run its offices in other countries. He said that IAU is planning for Iranians living abroad to be able to learn the Persian language online and continue their education in their desired fields of study.

Dr. Ebrahimi mentioned that the international network of the Islamic Azad University now covers 15 countries, “we have started basic arrangements for this network to run in Iraqi Kurdistan and making preparations for Germany and Italy. In Russia, the process in almost complete and we will admit students in 5 or 6 IAU branches in other countries in the Sep-Oct 2016 educational year."

He also added that IAU’s international offices have been launched in order to facilitate mutual research, scientific, and academic cooperation and exchanging professors and students. A number of IAU offices will be launched in Germany, Italy, Russia, Slovakia, and Hungary in the near future.

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