IAU to Run Academic Translation Centers to Internationalize Humanities Articles

Monday, July 4, 2016 - 02:30

Dr Hamid Mirzadeh, president of IAU, believes that the university must focus on finding effective solutions to boost the country's scientific development even further.

In a meeting of the steering council for the implementation of the Comprehensive Scientific Roadmap, Dr. Mirzadeh stated that IAU must look for executive solutions for increasing the country’s scientific development, ANA reported.

Dr. Mirzadeh explained that the indicator of academic growth does not only depend on technical and engineering majors, but also humanities, which play an effective role in the scientific ranking of developing countries.

He added that almost 40% of Iran’s higher education is in the humanities and the Iranian scholars in these fields are capable and knowledgable; however, effective papers and articles in the humanities are so far and few in between that they can not shift the rank of the country as they should.

Dr. Mirzadeh noted that most of the articles in the field of humanities have not been published in international journals; he suggested that Academic Translation Centers be established to provide opportunities for translated articles in these sciences be published in reputable sources.

“Humanities can introduce the art, culture, and philosophy of our country to the world and also have a significant effect in promoting Iran’s academic rank in world scientific databases,” he concluded.

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