A New Method to Double USB Memory

Saturday, July 2, 2016 - 14:34

Researchers of Hokkaido University's Research Institute for Electronic Science have developed a way to double USB memory capacity.

According to Physic.org, this research team investigated the possibility of using a magnetic signal alongside an electronic signal to allow double the storage capacity in these "multiplex writing/reading" devices. They needed to find a material that can switch back and forth from a magnet to a non-magnet state.

The team investigated two forms of strontium cobalt oxide (SrCoOx) and after experimenting, they developed a new method to use strontium cobalt oxide safely at room temperature in air. They applied a sodium tantalate thin film, which can be used at room temperature without leaking the alkaline solution, over layers of strontium cobalt oxide.

The researchers say that making the device smaller would shorten the time needed for the compound to switch between an insulator and a magnet and which it allows the storage of an even larger number of photos and videos in mobile phones, for example.


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