IAU Establishes Offices in Germany & Italy

Saturday, July 16, 2016 - 15:55

Following the opening of an Islamic Azad University office at Essen and Milan, Dr. Mirzadeh has provided details regarding the plans for expanding the IAU network in Europe.

According to IAU Public Relations, the IAU president, Dr. Hamid Mirzadeh, stated in an interview today that establishing offices in different countries can contribute to an ideal education for Persian speaking people, especially Iranians living in other countries, while the high costs for such operations make virtual presence and strengthening networked university entities an appealing solution for cutting unnecessary expenditures.

“At this time, the IAU principal unit, the virtual (online) unit, branches in the UK, UAE, Afghanistan, and Lebanon and also the recently-opened offices in Russia, Germany, and Italy work together to admit Farsi-speaking students who reside in these countries. Based on the regulations, these students may also participate in MA and PhD programs with no entrance exam on condition of meeting the requirements,” he explained.

Dr. Mirzadeh also added that IAU offices in these countries will follow up educational affairs and related issues. Faculty will be dispatched to the offices whenever required so students can continue their education with high academic standards.

“In the first phase of this project, majors such as Persian Language and Literature, Islamic-Iranian arts, Iranian and Islamic history and culture, and courses that are rarely available at foreign universities to Iranians and Farsi-speakers, will be offered,” he noted, “ Another consideration is that as the large number of Iranians who have emigrated and reside in foreign countries may become distant and lose contact with Iranian culture, the IAU network can provide an academic and cultural connection between Farsi-speaking communities with our country through the Islamic Azad University.”

The IAU president mentioned that establishing international offices can further develop the research and scientific quality of the university, and that “implementing joint research-academic projects, holding short term courses, exchanging faculty and students, and participation in international research projects are the intended outcome of this new approach.”

“According to the resolution of the IAU central board of trustees, the university is authorized to establish its offices in 16 Asian and European countries and 3 offices have been launched so far. 4 branches are active in England, United Arabic Emirates, Afghanistan, and Lebanon and are all operating as part of the IAU international network,” he explained, comparing the favorable cost distribution of opening offices in comparison to branches.

It must be noted that students’ certificates will be issued by the principal unit and based on the agreement between IAU and Ministry of Science, Research and Technology on September 15. 2015, the virtual unit will run the elearning online programs of IAU Central Tehran branch.


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