IAU Admission Requirements for Iranian & Persian-Speaking Students Announced

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 - 13:18

Islamic Azad University facilitates admission for Iranian and Persian-Speakers living abroad.

The director general of IAU International affairs, Dr. Hossein Ebrahimi, spoke on the subject of student admissions in his interview with ISCA News Agency, and explained that applicants may find information on registration conditions at imtl.lau.ir, website of the General Directorate of International Affairs, in Persian, English, German, and other languages.

“After completing registration, documents will be appraised in an Investigative Committee and on acceptance, students can continue their education at the PhD and masters level without participating in an entrance exam,” he added.

“Following the Supreme Leader's emphasis on developing and proliferating the Persian language and literature, we have set up a system which allows Iranians living abroad to study in this field in MA and PhD programs with no need to partake in an entrance exam,” said Dr. Ebrahimi.

These classes will be held online at the IAU electronic branch eCampus but students will participate in exam sessions that will be held in offices and branches in Italy, Germany, Russia, the UAE, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Britain, Oman, Hungary, and Canada. If students do not have an opportunity to participate in exam locations, they can vote for the opening of offices in their own or a nearby country. If the number of applicants reaches a certain number, IAU will open and office in the requested country.

As Dr. Ebrahimi explained, all the classes will be in Persian and the official IAU-endorsed certification will be issued by the Central Tehran branch.

Terms and conditions for admission to IAU International entities are available at azmoon.org and applicants can review the requirements for the entrance test which will be held on August 12, 2016.

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