IAU Researchers Make Stronger Paper with Nano-clays

Saturday, August 6, 2016 - 15:19

Researchers at Islamic Azad University, Science and Research, Chalus, and Sari branches have improved the strength of the paper by applying Nano-clay in their production process.

According to Iran Nano Technology Initiative Council, paper and paper products has an important place in human life but without adding additives, this product does not have necessary durability and impermeability to air, moisture, etc. At the same time, paper producers have been facing issues such as longevity and biodegradability of additives used for improving resistance and barrier properties in papers.

Dr. Majid Kiaee, Associate Professor of Wood and Paper Industries Department of Chalus IAU, stated that their research investigated the effect of Nano-clays on improving the mechanical and physical properties of paper.

“Clay is a cheap and harmless material and its usage in producing paper will be cost-effective both economically and environmentally. In addition, it will increase the strength and lifetime of the paper as well,” he said.

Adding Nano-clays increases the bond of fibers which in turns gives the paper tensile strength, burst, and resistance to fragmentation. The amount of nanoparticles should be optimized to remain below a certain optimal threshold, otherwise tear strength will be reduced.

Results show that adding 2% Nano-clay to the pulp produced will increase tear and burst resistance by about 7/3 and 7/8 respectively.

The study was carried out by by Dr. Majid Kiaee (Chalus IAU), Dr. Ahmad Samariha (Sari IAU), and Dr. Mohammad Farsi, faculty member of Sari IAU.

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