IAU to Run Co-op Offices in 10 Countries

Wednesday, August 3, 2016 - 16:45

The spokesman of Islamic Azad University has announced plans to launch 10 coordination desks in 10 countries.

According to ISNA, Mojtaba Alavi Fazel pointed to the international developments of the university in international activities and declared that two directions have been taken in this regard: first, admitting foreign students to study at IAU branches inside the country and second, the establishment of an elearning system for Iranian and Persian speakers of other countries.

“It is possible for non-Iranian applicants to study at IAU branches in Iran and around 10 thousand such students are currently studying in these branches. Also students of different countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Central Asia are requesting to continue their education in IAU by traveling to Iran,” he said.

On the topic of the cooperation desks, Alavi-Fazel stated that following the inauguration of three international offices in Russia, Italy and Germany by the president of the IAU, the university now has the agreement and authorization of its central board of trustees to proceed with opening ten others. These offices provide educational facilities for Iranians living in other countries who are interested in continuing their education in majors not available abroad in their own language, such Persian language and literature, religious and Quranic sciences. Interested applicants may apply and register through the IAU e-campus at http://www.iauec.ac.ir/.


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