Rasht IAU Researchers Create Rapid Oil Production System

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - 00:04

Researchers at Islamic Azad University, Rasht branch, have built a device which can produce gas and petroleum out of dried algae in 20 minutes.

According to an ISNA report, one of the researchers, Fereshte Qorbani, explained that a special device has been created to produce oil and petroleum from the algae. This involves the production of first Petroleum and then Kerosene and that “the produced petroleum is exactly the same as the natural oil product and right now, semi-industrial production of the oil is in the plans."

Qorbani stated that the process begins with growing algae in special pools. Then the cultured algae are desiccated; the dried algae powder is now being sold and this is what is processed for the production of the abovementioned fuels.

The researcher noted that the device’s function is inspired by the same mechanism that creates natural oil in nature under high pressure and temperature and the resulting products have the same with the same ignition, thermal and energy characteristics. The project is based on an initial design proposal by Dr. Abu-ali Golzari.


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