Household Robot One Step Closer to Reality

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 - 00:40

Researchers at Italy’s IIT, (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia), in Genoa, have created a new humanoid robot.

According to the Euronews, the robot, R1, it was created in 16 months by a team of about 20 people including scientists, technicians and engineers led by Professor Giorgio Metta.

R1 is inspired by creating a cheaper more accessible version of the iCub, used in laboratories worldwide as a robotic platform. It uses what appear to be ultrasonic sensors, a GPS unit, and a retractable wheel system to control its mobility.

“R1 is a humanoid robot and we created it with the goal of making a robot that is affordable in terms of price. R1 has been designed with applications in the domestic environment and the household to be helpful initially maybe to people that have disabilities, who may need help and later to everybody,” says Metta.

“We have completed the development of the hardware, and we have begun to create a software to operate the robot via remote control. The human sees what the robot sees with cameras, and with a sort of joystick he can command the robot to go pick up an object for example,” says researcher Marco Randazzo.

R1 is still a work in progress, but researchers are confident it will soon be able to obey human voice commands.

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