Dr. Ebrahim Vasheghani Farahani:

IAU Determined to revive Lake Urmia/ 10 IAU Incubators Active in Specific Environmental Issues

Monday, September 12, 2016 - 21:59

The deputy of Islamic Azad University spoke of the university's mission in reviving Lake Urmia.

Dr. Ebrahim Vasheghani Farahani, IAU’s Deputy of Research and Technology, stated in an interview with ANA News Agency, that IAU owns 926 IT and knowledge-based companies, 60% of which have been launched during Dr. Mirzadeh’s tenure.

He explained that based on the MoU signed between IAU and ministry of Science, Research, and Technology, IAU incubators which receive initial approval from the Ministry of Science will benefit from the same facilities which have been considered for companies normally located in Ministry Parks.

“The activities of these companies are growing and our emphasis is on creating academic applications within the context of academic centers and the knowledge-based activities of companies and incubators,” he added.

Dr. Farahani also mentioned the MoU between IAU and the Environmental Protection Organization and noted that out of 100 IAU’s launched incubators, 10 of them are active in environmental issues and more than 70 IT units and knowledge-based companies are focused on the environment.

IAU’s Deputy of Research and Technology named finding solutions for haze, reviving Lake Urmia, and using Plasma energy for eliminating hazardous wastes among the national environmental projects with which IAU is closely involved.

He explained that Lake Urmia needs to be studied from two perspectives: first controlling the level of water and then managing water resources, as one of the factors which decreases the level of water is the construction of numerous dams around the lake. The Urmia IAU branch is responsible for carrying out the various relevant projects.

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