Microscopic Images Reveal the Hidden Beauty around Us

Saturday, September 24, 2016 - 12:11

Photographer Spike Walker has been taking microscopic images to reveal the hidden beauty of the world for 70 years.

According to the Daily Mail, Spike Walker has been interested microphotography since he got his first microscope just after the Second World War, when he was aged 12, and now his masterpieces are to be recognized with a Scientific Imaging Award from one of the world's oldest and prestigious photographic societies. This is not the first honor for this photographer; he also received the 1961 Royal Society Award for Scientific Research.

Mr Walker, a retired science teacher, has over 30 microscopes and still likes to spend a couple of hours a day in his laboratory, which is converted from his dining room. He sometimes magnifies his subjects up to 300x.

Here are some of his photos

While this picture looks like it has been created by a graphic designer, it really shows ephedrine vapour - a medication used to prevent low blood pressure - crystallising as it cools

This picture shows a group of one-celled freshwater algae

The picture shows the soldered connections on a computer memory stick

While this picture might look like a field of sunflowers, it is in fact the coltsfoot rust fungus and cluster cups on the underside of a leaf

Pictured here is the cell division of a desmid - a type of one-celled freshwater algae

This might look like a colourful textile, but the picture shows ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) crystals from an aqueous solution

This image looks like a magical tree under a sky full of stars, but it is really sugar crystals growing in a gelatine solution


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