First Robots Work Security at Shenzhen Airport

Tuesday, October 4, 2016 - 00:39

The first intelligent robots began their beats as security guards at Shenzhen airport,, China.

AnBot is the first robot in China trained to carry out security checks and has started working in one of China's busiest airport, reports the People's Daily Online.

"AnBot", or "Shenzhen Xiaoan" in Chinese, can work around-the-clock and react to emergencies with an electric riot fork. The intelligent guard is 1.5 meters tall and weighs about 75 kg.

With four digital cameras, the security robot is capable of autonomous patrols, intelligent monitoring and auto recharging.

They are also able to answer passengers' questions about flight information and communicate with people in different contexts, said the official.

AnBot was developed by Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, the National University of Defense Technology and a domestic technology company.

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