Researchers Reveal Microbot to Assist in Eye Operations

Thursday, December 8, 2016 - 17:11

Researchers at Cambridge University have demonstrated a tiny robot which is small enough to assist in eye surgery.

This robot, “Axsis”, developed by Cambridge Consultants is one of the smallest known robots for surgical use. With an external body the size of a drink can and instruments only 1.8 millimetres in diameter, Axsis provides a glimpse into the future of surgical robotics, Robotics and Automation reports.

Axsis shows the potential for increased precision, minimally invasive access and highly accurate navigation for a wide variety of clinical procedures that cannot be carried out with current surgical robots.

“This level of innovation in surgical robotics has the potential to significantly enhance medical treatments and procedures for surgeons and patients alike,” said Chris Wagner, head of advanced surgical systems at Cambridge Consultants.

A smaller robot allows for surgeons and doctors to work with multiple types of tools, and to get closer to the patient without the barrier of large equipment. It also makes procedures less invasive, by enabling surgeons to create much smaller incisions.


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