Smart Hearing Aid Isolates Speech from Noise

Monday, December 12, 2016 - 20:14

Researchers at Ohio State University applied machine learning based on deep neural networks to the task of segregating sounds.

According to IEEE Spectrum, researchers tested multiple versions of a digital filter that not only amplifies sound but can also isolate speech from background noise and automatically adjust the volumes of each separately.

Researchers believed this approach can ultimately restore a hearing-impaired person’s comprehension to match or even exceed that of someone with normal hearing. In fact, one of our early models boosted, from 10 to 90 percent, the ability of some subjects to understand spoken words obscured by noise.

Developers could use the technique to improve smartphone speech recognition. Employers could use it to help workers on noisy factory floors, and militaries could equip soldiers to hear one another through the noisy chaos of warfare.


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