Shushtar IAU & Germany’s Medio Energy Company to Build Solar Power Plant

Sunday, December 18, 2016 - 18:03

The first mutual meeting of Islamic Azad University, Shushtar branch, and Germany’s Medio Energy Company has been held in order to create a solar power plant and survey the capacities and potentials in this university.

In the meeting between the IAU branch and Medio, the head of Shushtar IAU, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Pour-Mohammadi stated that previously, the university’s only perspective was educational but now it follows a broader view and plans are underway to launch a research center in this branch, ANA reports.

“Shushtar IAU is ready to create research centers in the field of renewable energy and also to cooperate with European researchers to carry out research in the branch, and particularly for them to partake in mutual research projects,” he explained.

The German investor, Andreas Langberg, has agreed to provide technical knowledge, experience, skilled workforce, capital, technical, and economic capabilities as well as necessary equipment for construction of the power plants and said that, “the required tools and equipment to produce solar energy must be from domestic production.”

“Our strategy is not exclusively limited to Germany and Europe and we always try to exchange views and cooperate with different cultures and continents because collaboration accelerates project progress,” he noted.

Langberg also added that, “in view of Iran’s advancement and capabilities as well as its willingness to cooperate in the construction of renewable power plants, we are eager to commence activities immediately.”


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