West Tehran IAU & Sharif University of Technology Unveil RASA Robot

Monday, December 19, 2016 - 19:57

Researchers at West Tehran, IAU and Sharif University Technology have unveiled the Robot Assistant for Social Aims (RASA) at the 17th Exhibition of Research and technological achievements.

Learning sign language is essential for hearing-impaired children, as it is their main tool for communicating with other individuals from early age, and it also contributes significantly to their cognitive and intellectual development.

ISCA reports that RASA, a humanoid robot platform primarily designed for teaching Persian Sign Language (PSL) to children with hearing disabilities, was unveiled as one of the country’s top 40 knowledge-based projects by the minister of science.

Children with hearing disabilities do not learn sign language until they become six or seven years old, and this hinders their development of effective communication skills. RASA could be a great help in teaching sign language to them.

RASA is characterized by three features which are rarely present together in today’s humanoid robots: its dexterous hand-arm systems, which enable it to sign in PSL, low development cost, and easy maintenance. It also can move all of its fingers.

The supervisors of this project are Dr. Ali Meghdari, Sharif University, Dr. Minoo Alemi, West Tehran IAU, Mohammad Zakipour and Amir Kashanian, MS students of Sharif University of Technology.

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