Babol IAU Faculty Member Identifies New Blind Fish in Iran

Saturday, December 31, 2016 - 15:21

A faculty member of Islamic Azad University, Babol branch, has identified and recorded a new species of blind fish.

Dr. Saber Vatan-Doost explained that the fish is from the common carp family and lives mostly in isolation, concealed in a cave located in Behbahan, Khuzestan Province, Iran, ANA reports.

“Through sampling and carrying out genetic and morphological analysis, we proved that this is a new species of a blind fish, the only cave fish living in the Tigris. Other blind fish in the region live in groundwater springs,” said Dr. Vatan-Doost.

“This research team, included faculty member of Gilan IAU, Dr. Seyed Hamed Mousavi Sabet, researcher, Yaser Fatemi, and faculty member of Tehran University, Dr. Soheil Igdari, chose “Garra tashanensis” as the globally recognized scientific name for the fish. The name is a toponym, taken from the name of the region,” he added.

Dr. Vatan-Doost also noted that three species of blind fish have been described previously and live in caves, Abi Leven, that 2 of them are from common carp and 1 of them is from Nemacheilus family.


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