Lahijan IAU Introduces Supercharger Device

Monday, January 2, 2017 - 02:31

A team of electronics, computers, and mechanics engineering of Islamic Azad University, Lahijan branch, in form of a knowledge-based companies, has designed a ‘supercharger device, for public places.

The ubiquity of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, e-readers, and music players in societies, and by extension their hardware - mobile internet, wireless networks, and large color displays - has made battery power and operating time into a main concern of users on the go, ANA reports.

As researcher Saeid Razavi explained, the Supercharger is a new product with features that simultaneously provides services and presents impressive advertisements. “The device is equipped with smart ports to charge different devices based on their power. It also owns a failsafe which protects the device against power fluctuations,” he explained.

The ports of the supercharger have been designed in accordance with international standards for mobile phones. It has been made in 2 form factors: wall-mounted and standing, and can charge five to 14 devices at the same time in public places such as hotels and restaurants.


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