Najafabad IAU Student Invents Environment-Friendly Liquid for Purifying Water and Sewage

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 - 14:55

A student of Najafabad IAU has invented an environment-friendly green chemistry material which can be used in purifying human and industrial water and sewage.

According to an ANA report, the inventor Sina Samimi synthesized sodium ferrite nanoparticles through plasma dissolved with alternating current. In an interview, he said that it can be used in purifying water and sewage and that it could hopefully replace chlorine in drinking water treatment.

“Chlorine is currently in use in purifying water and sewage in developing countries, but has been proven to be the reasons of skin disorders, liver problems, renal failure, and certain types of cancer. The new method allows for the nanoparticles to be produced affordably in Iran for the first time,” he said, “ and it increases the production speed and function of this form of sodium ferrite by almost 600 percent beyond other products.”

He explained that in comparison with similar solutions made in other countries, this product is inexpensive.


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