IAU Researchers Rank 3rd at MTE2017

Saturday, March 4, 2017 - 18:28

Researchers and inventors of Islamic Azad University have succeeded in snatching the bronze medal at the 16th Malaysia Technology Expo 2017.

According to Iran Student Correspondents Association (ISCA), Mina Babazadeh and Roghayeh Rezaee could receive the bronze medal for their invention, MIRO, which is used in measuring variables in pitting edema.

In her interview with ISCA, the member of Young Researchers and Elite Club and IAU faculty, Roghayeh Rezaee, stated that the device, which is a simple diagnostic tool with high accuracy, surpasses traditional methods of detecting various pitting, and that using this diagnostic method, the lives of both mothers with pre-eclampsia and eclampsia and also their prenatal babies can be saved.

She noted that the device is a worldwide first and that despite scientific progress, pre-eclampsia and eclampsia have the highest mortality rate in pregnant women. Early detection and timely treatment is an important principle in pre-eclampsia and eclampsia treatment.

Rezaee explained that edema is an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the interstitium, located beneath the skin and in the cavities of the body, which can cause severe pain. Pitting edema is a prevalent form which manifests in pregnancy, venous thrombosis, hepatic cirrhosis and various cardiac and renal disorders.

Malaysia Technology Expo 2017 was held at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) in central Kuala Lumpur in 16-18 February.


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