RoboCup 2017 Concluded in Tehran

Sunday, April 9, 2017 - 15:52

The 12th edition of the international Robocop competitions (RoboCup Iran Open 2017) has been finished after announcing winners in different categories. Teams from 14 countries took part in the 4-day competition.

According to ISCA , the event was organized and run with the cooperation of Qazvin IAU, and support from several local and foreign universities. More than 2,820 competitors from North and South America, Europe and Asia took part this year with independently-designed robots.

The competitions included several leagues, namely rescue, industrial, aerial and mine detecting robots, as well as robotic soccer. The winners of various leagues were announced in a ceremony held at Tehran’s Permanent Fairgrounds later on Friday.

In the Humanoid League, AdultSize, IRC team of Ilkhchi IAU ranked first, and in KidSize, accordingly, MRL-HSL of Qazvin IAU and FUmanoids - Berlin United from Germany ranked second and third. Unbounded Designers of Isfahan IAU took the first place in TeenSize league.

In the RoboCup Standard Platform League, the German team, Nao-Team HTWK, took first place, MRL-SPL of Qazvin came in as runner-up and Dutch Nao Team of Netherlands ranked third. In the Middle size league, Qazvin IAU MRL team won the champion title. In Small Size robot soccer, the ZJUNlict team from China ranked first, the German ER-Force came in second, and Amirkabir University of Technology took the third place.

The S.O.S vr team of Amirkabir University of Technology ranked 1st in the RoboCup Rescue Simulation and Qazvin IAU MRL team won the championship at the RoboCup@Home league. The Kerman IAU team, Ace IAUK, came in first and LUHbots team from Germany was the runner-up in RoboCup@Work - which targets the use of robots in work-related scenarios.

Other results are as follows:

Soccer 2D Simulation League:

Miracle Team of China - 1st place

Nexus2D team of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad - 2nd place

Razi team of Razi Student Research Center - 3rd place

Rescue Simulation league:

RoboAKUT team from Turkey - 1st place

A.T.F team from Allame Tabatabaei Andisheh Mehr Institute - 2nd place

ApolloRescue from China - 3rd place

UAV Robot League:

Horizon and Persis team of Khomeyni Shahr IAU - 1st and 2nd respectively

MRL team of Qazvin - 3rd place

Outdoor UAV Robot League:

SRC team, Tabriz IAU - 1st place

Singaporean team, SP Aero - 2nd place

IRSE team, South Tehran IAU - 3rd place

Tele-Operated Deminer Robot League:

Analog team of Behshahr Vocational Schools - 1st place

YRA team of Yazd IAU - 2nd place

Malayer_Universty - 3rd place

Small Size Intelligent Deminer League:

IAUM team of Marvdasht IAU - 1st place

Persian Gulf team of Bushire IAU - 2nd place

Khayyam Deminer of Nishapur IAU - 3rd place

Deminder Technical Challenge:

Sharif-Exo team of Sharif University of Technology - 1st place

Parsian team of Young Researchers & Elite Club - 2nd place

EasyMCU - 3rd place

Robotic science has become a widely-welcomed area by Iranian university students who have won titles in AI and robotics competitions in and outside Iran. Winning teams in the Iranian round will automatically be qualified for the Asian finals later in the year.

This year’s event was sponsored by several Iranian banks and credit institutions, e-commerce stores, the Iranian Red Crescent, Tehran Municipality, Unilever and Parsian Hotel Group.

The finals of the 2017 RoboCup will be held in July in Japan, with the finalists from the Iranian round battling it out to become Robo-champion of the year.

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