IAU Deputy of Civil Engineering: We Provide Civil Engineering Facilities for Knowledge-based Companies

Thursday, April 20, 2017 - 13:44

The Civil Engineering deputy of Islamic Azad University, Mohsen Hashemi, emphasized the importance of technology units in his visit of the knowledge-based firms of this university.

In an ISCA interview, Mohsen Hashemi expressed his appreciation for the efforts of IAU Deputy of Research and Technology, Dr. Ebrahim Vasheghani Farahani and the endeavors of IAU president, Dr. Mirzadeh and his partners in supporting the activity of knowledge-based companies over the past three years. Thanks to these efforts, the Islamic Azad University entered the knowledge-based arena far earlier than any other academic platform in the country and the speed at which it has progressed is, according to Hashemi, "astonishing."

Referring to the 1130 operational knowledge-based companies, he noted that national authorities, particularly those in the ministry of science and technology have to pay attention to the development of such companies and support them by accomodating tax and customs conditions like those afforded to free economic zones,

In the field of civil engineering, he stated that the IAU civil engineering department is fully committed to providing the required facilities for these companies. One such undertaking is to start up an IAU science and technology park in each province. Currently, at least four such projects are under way, including Sci-tech parks in Pardis, Arak, Gorgan and Khorasan.

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