About the Acting Editor-in-Chief of ISCANews, Hossein Habibzadeh

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - 03:34

Hossein Habibzadeh is well-known among Iranian journalists, press photographers and media, With a BA in Public Relations, MA Social Communication Sciences, and teaching background in public relations and journalism at universities, he is currently the acting editor-in-chief of Iran Student Correspondents Association, ISCA News Agency.

​Habibzadeh has held various positions in the government of reform and before that, including PR and management of the bureaus of various state bodies such as that of the president, cabinet, prime minister, vice president. He was deputy of the news agency run by the president's office and a journalist and executive director of public relations in the office of the first deputy of the president, Hassan Habibi with adminstrative journalistic experience in various organization related to restoration of war zones , communicating their affairs to ministers and government representatives. His experience extends to banking PR, particularly in the Central Bank of Iran among others.

In recent years, his responsibilities have included positions as the deputy of General Directorate of Public Relations and Advertising, consultant to various committees within the Expediency Council, research and scientific deputy of the "Martyrs of Karbala Basij" command, and Executive Director of Public Relations to the Experts Council headed by the late Ayatollah Meshkini and Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani.

Habibzadeh is also member of various journalism and PR entities, such as National Iranian Photographers’ Society, the tourism and pilgrimage travel coordination committee of Iran Cultural Heritage Organization, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, Consumers and Producers Protection Organization. He is also an inspector of presidential and Islamic Consultative Assembly candidates, and is member of the editorial board of numerous journals and news agencies.

Habibzadeh has participated in many national and international conferences in Iran and abroad. He has also published multiple news-scientific articles.He was appointed as the acting head of ISCA News Agency in November, 2016.


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