Indian Teen Designs the World’s Lightest Satellite

Saturday, May 20, 2017 - 10:22

An 18 year old student from Pallapatti in Karur district in Tamil Nadu, Rifath Sharook, has designed the world’s lightest satellite which NASA will send into space.

According to Quartz, the device weighs a mere 64 grams (0.14 lbs), making it even lighter than a smartphone and has been named 'KalamSat' in memory of the world-renowned scientist and late President of India Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

“It will have a new kind of on-board computer and eight indigenous built-in sensors to measure acceleration, rotation and the magnetosphere of the earth,” the budding scientist told Business Standard about his 4-centimeter cube design. Shaarook and his team created the satellite for under Rs1 lakh ($1,561).

NASA will send the tiny box on a four-hour, suborbital spaceflight June 22, but KalamSat will only operate for 12 minutes in a micro-gravity environment.

The up-and-coming scientist told the Times of India that the satellite’s main purpose is to “demonstrate the performance of 3D-printed carbon” and see if the material can withstand the launch.


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