Hamedan IAU Incubator Makes HPV Rapid Detection Kit

Friday, June 16, 2017 - 13:52

The knowledge-based project “Rapid HPV Diagnosis Kit” by Ali Sina Technology Development Center located in Hamadan Islamic Azad University Incubator Center was patented today.

According to an ISCA report, the project lead, Mohammad Reza Shafa’ti explained that the human papilloma virus was introduced as the major etiological agent in outbreak of cervical cancer in 1970. Since it is very difficult to recognize these viruses and their types using the serological tests and cell culture, molecular methods such as PCR are of great importance.

Shafa'ati clarified that the study used a specific PCR assay on L1 and E6 genes of HPV for the molecular detection of HPV. The study confirmed that the designed PCR with specific primers on L1 and E6 genes of HPV proved to be an accurate method for detecting and determining the HPV types.

Shafa’ti also added that the replication and detection strategy of this kit is based on DNA detection technology and it includes enzymes, primers, buffer and other required additives for replicating the HPV genome and controlling positive cases.

Since there is a high prevalence of HPV infection among young women living with cervical cancer, and because of the long pre-cancer period in patients infected with high-risk HPV types, methods such as cytological and molecular tests for detecting the viruses are highly recommended.

It therefore appears quite logical to implement a method for early screening and viral detection which can prevent primary cell transformation progression toward cervical dysplasia. Since there is no cell culture system for HPV, the best way to study the existence of HPV infection is to use a molecular method such as PCR which can rapidly detect HPV in cervical biopsy samples.

This study proved that PCR with specific primers on L1 and E6 genes is a suitable, accurate, sensitive and specific method for detecting and type determination of HPV, and that making use of this method alongside pap smear screening for dysplasia diagnosis is highly suggested.


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