IAU to Launch Branches in Iraq, Syria and Azerbaijan

Saturday, June 17, 2017 - 12:35

The IAU head of International Affairs has announced the forthcoming establishment of branches in Iraq, Syria and Azerbaijan and also the development of entities in Lebanon and Afghanistan.

In his interview with Azad News Agency (ANA), Dr. Hossein Ebrahimi stated that launching and developing international branches in neighboring countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Azerbaijan is on the agenda. In line with this plan, a cooperation MoU was signed with Iraqi officials in order to open IAU units in five cities in Iraq.

Dr. Ebrahimi added that it is also planned to increase the capacity of student admission from Iraq as IAU certificates are now approved by the Iraqi Ministry of Science. Websites that students need have been translated and are now online in Arabic as well.

He continued that the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Iran has recently visited the IAU acting president, Dr. Nourian, and expressed his interest in launching IAU branches in this country. Developing the Afghanistan branch and courses in MA and PhD level is among IAU priorities; “we are also looking to open a branch in Syria,” he finally added.


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