IAU Participates in MSC 2017

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 00:57

Representatives from the sailing department of Islamic Azad University, Kharg branch have participated in the ninety-eighth session of the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) in London.

The 98th session of the Maritime Safety Committee was held from Wednesday, 7 to Friday, 16 June 2017 with participants from 170 countries and observer organizations at IMO Headquarters, London.

IMO measures cover all aspects of international shipping – including ship design, construction, equipment, manning, operation and disposal – to ensure that this vital sector for remains safe, environmentally sound, energy efficient and secure.

This meeting resulted in five major achievements for the Islamic Republic of Iran:

  1. Iran became responsible for drafting a set of new academic courses.
  2. Due to the technical participation of Iran’s delegation in forming purposeful shipbuilding and maritime safety standards, the proposal of Iranian representatives to the Greek government based on participating and presenting deliverables at the next summit was agreed to by the Greek government and the committee.
  3. Iranian sources over the past several years have repeatedly said that the country’s navy has a constant presence in international waters to provide security for merchant vessels and tankers in a bid to confront piracy.
  4. The Iranian delegation was one of the most active members in this meeting due to their effective participation in all specialized working groups.
  5. Participating representatives from Kharg IAU led to familiarizing the country’s Sailing Universities with policies of international organization.

Energy efficiency, new technology and innovation, maritime education and training, maritime security, maritime traffic management and the development of the maritime infrastructure: the development and implementation, through IMO, of global standards covering these and other issues will underpin IMO's commitment to provide the institutional framework necessary for a green and sustainable global maritime transportation system.​


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