Tourism Capital of Islamic Countries in 2018: Tabriz, Iran

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 00:50

The fifth biggest city in Iran, Tabriz, the capital of East Azerbaijan province, is located in the Quru River valley, between long ridges of volcanic cones in the Sahand and Eynali mountains, Tabriz's elevation ranges between 1,350 and 1,600 metres (4,430 and 5,250 ft) above sea level.

According to an ISCA report, Tabriz, on the UNESCO World Heritage list, is a great introduction to Iran.

Tourism is certainly one of the most attractive and profitable industries of the world, contributing to the development and prosperity of the countries. The eco-friendly essence of Tourism as well as its enormous revenue-making potentials has made the industry a welcome feature to all cities and and an inspiration to make the most advantages of it by boasting their capabilities and presenting the beautiful attractions of their regions to the world.

The selection of Tabriz as "the tourism capital of Islamic countries in 2018" by OIC (organization of Islamic cooperation) is a testament to its beauty and high position in the firmament of Iranian tourism.

May Tabriz 2018 be a starting point of a promising route , leading Tabriz and its citizens to their ideals and introducing the magnificence of the city to all nations.


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