IAU S&R Holds UNESCO Regional Award for Clean & Renewable Energy

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 - 01:47

The South Tehran Islamic Azad University held a mutual meeting on the UNESCO Regional Award for Clean and Renewable Energy in Iran.

According to an ANA report, the head of UNESCO Organization for Renewable Energies chair, Dr. Majid Abbasspour spoke among representatives from University of Tehran, Amirkabir and Sharif University of Technology, University of Science and Technology, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization, The Natural Disaster Research Institute as well as representatives from relevant scientific forums, and stated that due to significant activities of the branch such as construction of a 10kw solar plant and telecabin for resource transportation in Science and Research IAU, development of green space, using renewable energies, and close cooperation with organizations and centers involved with environmental issues, Science and Research IAU has been nominated as the top green university in the country.

Dr. Abbasspour mentioned the S & R IAU renewable energy chair and explained that this university is ready to cooperate with organizations, associations and academic centers in the field of green universities and activities in line with the goals of the UNESCO Organization for Renewable Energies .

He continued that the aim of this meeting was to negotiate and exchange ideas on the UNESCO regional award for clean and renewable energy and clarified that despite carrying out many activities in this area, Iran has not achieved significant progress so far.

The head of UNESCO Organization for Renewable Energies chair also noted that the prize will be donated to projects with technical and operational potentials and capabilities.

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