Mehdi Mahani:

The Film "Taghbaz" was to me Like a Marathon in Acting

Sunday, September 10, 2017 - 14:09

An Iranian actor, Mehdi Mahani, has stated that the film "Taghbaz" was to me like a marathon in acting.

In his interview with ISCA News Agency, Mehdi Mahani who played the leading role in “Taghbaz” (2017), directed by Shahram Asadzadeh, explained the filmmaking process and his own role and stated that his character was rather an eccentric one.

He noted that the role was completely far away from true personality of any normal and healthy person living in a community. As he explained, this character addicted to Methamphetamine and Cocaine which made him unable recognize reality from fantasy.

In the subject of how the character was created, he explained that to reach the desired levels, he tried to get closer to addicted people, “I started getting closer to these people by inviting them to my house for several nights during one month. I understood their views toward the society and the world around them, also the way they walked and talked.”

Mahani mentioned the film’s challenges including its flashbacks that required special techniques and said that they only had one single day for practicing. He noted that due to the various scenes in different time lines, they must change their make-up and costumes a lot, which was a great challenge for them, “We also had to practice with the Cameraman and Decoupage so we filmed the whole scene, when we came to a conclusion for each section.”

He finally declared that the movie was to all of them like a Marathon in acting and believed that it will shine and be seen in national and international festivals.

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