Dr. Velayati among the Head of IAU Medias:

Media is Essential for Any Intellectual and Epistemic Stream

Monday, September 11, 2017 - 11:46

The head of board of trustees and directors of Islamic Azad University has declared that media is not a ceremonial and decorative matter but a necessary requirement for any intellectual and epistemic stream.

According to Iran Student Correspondent Associations (ISCA), Dr. Ali Akbar Velayati emphasized on the importance of media’s role in the present age and stated that their central role is not just informing the public. He continued that due to their extent, evolution and functionality, they are considered as the front line in epistemology, therefore no power can dominate a culturally diverse society unless with a smart leading media.

Dr. Velayati added that due to the emergence of New Media phenomena, social Medias and various messaging networks, anyone is able to have multiple Medias at the same time. In this regard, official Medias need "top messages" to maintain their position.

The head of IAU board of trustees and directors spoke of the IAU Medias and explained that they all belong to Islamic system which the blood of hundreds of thousands of martyrs has been donated for its growth and prosperity.

As he said, the IAU Medias language is "science", "research" and "knowledge". Also clarifying goals and intentions of the Supreme Leader, Grand Ayatollah Khamenei, is one of their most notable tasks. They must present the most important issues as scientifically and academically as possible.


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