Astana Hosts the 1st Summit on Science and Technology of the OIC

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 16:35

The first Summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on science and technologies with the participation of the heads of several states was held in Astana's Independence Palace, in Kazakhstan.

The two-day international summit will determine priorities, goals, and objectives in the field of science, technology and innovation development. It also will help to establish a framework to hold Science and Technology Summits on the regular basis, ISCA reports.

The Astana Summit is meant to ensure a clear understanding of the necessity to completely reduce scientific and technological gaps between Muslim Ummah and developed countries and it will also contribute to the earliest implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and promote the principles of cooperation and solidarity among all OIC Member States.

The Astana Declaration is a political document, the adoption of which will be a clear sign of determination of the OIC Member States to support science and technology as a priority, including in the framework of the OIC 2025: Program of Action and the Outcome Document of the Astana Summit. The Declaration will reflect the importance of developing and implementing initiatives and programs, as well as inferential research in the field of education, professional skills, basic and applied sciences, primarily aimed at resolving urgent social problems.

Addressing the summit on Sunday, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani underlined the need for unity and cooperation among Muslim countries as the key to rid the world of violence and reach permanent peace. “We have all reached a consensus that the Muslim world is a crucial and effective part of the global system, and its capability, progress and stability lead to global capability, progress and stability,” the Iranian president said.


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