Dr. Rahbar’s Message on the Occasion of the New Academic Year

Academics Must Pass the Global Boundaries of Knowledge

Saturday, September 16, 2017 - 17:06

The president of Islamic Azad University, Dr. Farhad Rahbar, has issued a note on the occasion of the first day of school year which is 23 September (1st of Mehr) and hoped that new academic year will be a fulfillment of great hopes and wishes for the scientific community in the country.

According to IAU public relations, the essence of the message is as follows:

In the Name of Allah,

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): “A good question is half of knowledge.”

I congratulate this new academic year to all of dear colleagues, professors, teachers and IAU family.

The confluence of science and knowledge spring with the Holy Defence Week, has brought the smell of knowledge along with epic and jihad. This precious dawn represents the magnificence of the Islamic Iran. Undoubtedly, true knowledge and wisdom are the enlightenment of the country’s honor and glory as well as the continuity of martyrs’ aspiration and noble men of this land.

In the third millennium, the development and advancement of any country, both technological-economic products and cultural-social ones which all of them originate from scientific and academic communities, are depending on universities and its academic assemblies.

With more than three-decade academic activities, Islamic Azad University has had a significant role in country’s scientific promotion and now with codifying more comprehensive plans, it has a strong determination than ever in solving the country’s problems through relying on professors and students talents.

It is obvious that academics must pass the global boundaries of knowledge and present a bight pattern of the Islamic and Iranian culture and civilization.

I ask IAU family, researchers and students to put their best effort in developing the country, knowledge-based products and meeting the society demands in various fields through relying on research activities and tremendous effort.

I hope that IAU activities will focus more on accomplishing goals of the year of 'Economy of Resistance: Production and Employment’ more than ever, so that planning and targeting will result in greater effectiveness. And the new beginning of academic year will be a promising sign to reach the peaks of science and knowledge in national and international arenas.


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